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Bill and Roberta Browning own and operate this National Bicentennial Farm in Matunuck, RI.  It has been operating since the 1600's and has been in the Browning family for 11 generations - now that is commitment!

Until 2009, the Browning Homestead operated as a dairy farm.  In May of 2010 they made the decision to switch their focus to grass fed beef and lamb.  Their goal is to raise animals in the most humane manner and free from steriods, anitbiotics, hormones and other medications.   The cattle and sheep are raised on their mothers' milk and the grasses, hay and corn silage grown on the farm.  Because they are fed a healthier diet, the meats from the livestock are lean and healthy and much richer in flavor.

The livestock are range free and live in large open fields with free choice shelters.  The Browning's employ guard donkeys to protect the sheep and lambs at all times!  At night, for extra protection from the coyotes, the sheep, lamb and guard donkey, Tomasso stay in a one acre field enclosed with livestock fencing. 

Bill and Roberta believe that it is their obligation to raise livestock in an ethical and humane manner and operate their farm accordingly.  They are great people with a wonderful farm.  Do yourself a favor, stop by the South Kingstown Wintertime Market on Saturday and buy some beef or lamb from the Brownings and taste the difference!

Browning Homestead
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